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Did you know, the whole universe is made up of 5 Elements !

“PANCH MAHABHUTAS” as they call in Sanskrit!


In Ayurveda, these 5 elements combine in pairs to form the…3 dynamic forces of interactions called DOSHAS – VATA, PITTA, KAPHA!

Doshas are the primary forces behind all physiological and psychological functions in our body.  

The Doshas have a positive value in the bodyWhen in balance they serve to support all tissues & organic functions. However, when out of balance they bring about disease.

Each dosha has a number of corresponding qualities that are expressed in the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of one’s being.

All of us have some aspects of each dosha, but one or two doshas tend to dominate, controlling everything from our physical features to digestion to our emotions.

Commonly, One Dosha is more dominant and guides the way to a lifestyle that suits you best.

You may also have a second dominant Dosha – Dual Dosha Type, and a more or less equal blend of all three doshas is called Tridoshic Type!

This unique ratio of Doshas within you is called PRAKRUTI or “original constitution” — what we are born with: hair, stature, eye color, as well as inherent personality and characteristics.

For example, we might be creative, fast, light, cold and dry like Vata, or easy going, soft, heavy, loving, nurturing and “chilled” like Kapha, or hot, sharp, focused, organized, aggressive & competitive like a Pitta!

When health challenges disturb your day to day living, it’s easy to get frustrated or depressed! By studying your mind-body type, Ayurveda empowers you with the knowledge to make the right life decisions.

Ayurveda is one of the most comprehensive ancient healing systems, that focuses on mind, body and soul.It is the art of knowing your true nature & living in harmony with the universe.

So…. The very first step towards health & wellbeing is to know your Dosha! Once you know your dosha, you’ll know so much more about yourself! After all life is all about Self-discovery! Isn’t it?

I strongly believe ….Knowledge is power…. you naturally choose what’s best for you and self-care becomes a part of how you live your life.

Whether you are a VATA, PITTA or KAPHA, you will find valuable information about diet and lifestyle recommendations in Ayurveda! You can use your newfound knowledge to improve your relationships, choose the right career, accept people around you… just the way they are and above all, you will be able to keep yourself in perfect balance!

Get to know your unique self and identify your strengths and weaknesses!

Take the DOSHA QUIZ to determine your dominant dosha. It’s easy, and fun!

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Preeti Syal

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