Preeti Syal
M.Sc. (Foods & Nutrition),
Delhi University, India
R.H.N. (Registered Holistic
Nutritionist) Canadian School of Natural Nutrition,
Vancouver, BC
E mail:
Phone: 778-388-7493
This has been the best cooking class, I have taken. You are a great teacher and make things look so easy. I also love that you give little tips and nutritional facts as you are giving the demo.
Laura (June 19th, 2010)
Awesome! Great explaining of technique!
Trina (June 26th, 2010)
Great class! Very Informative! I liked the way we sat and enjoyed the food together!
Paula (June 26th, 2010)
I learnt so much and can’t wait to try it at home! Couldn’t have been better. Delicious!
Charlotte (November 13th, 2010)
Fantastic class! The food was delicious. Excellent teaching! The handouts are very helpful!
Carly (November 13th, 2010)
Your tips make the class more beneficial afterwards for us to try things at home. Great class! Small size is your high point. I would like to attend more classes. Comfortable atmosphere, better than a classroom!
Brigette (November 20th, 2010)
Another fantastic class! So informative, super delicious. A very comfortable setting, very conducive to learning. Preeti, you are a wonderful cook and a wonderful teacher. Keep me informed for future classes!
Carly (November 20th, 2010)
Thank you for another amazing class. My mouth is still watering for the baked masala salmon...I'm going to try making it tomorrow! The mung bean lentil soup was great! I look forward to having an ayurvedic class with you in the future.
Merrill (March 5th, 2011)
I am so glad that I had the chance to join your workshop today. There is so much to learn and it is so nice to learn by tasting your delicious food. I am just reading the material that you gave us and I think you did a great job in the research and in the organization of the information. I am really interested in Ayurveda!! So I will be looking forward to your workshop on Ayurvedic cooking.
Esperanza (March 5th, 2011)
Thank you so much for another great class!! You were awesome... keep learning good share it with us through your great workshops!
Mireya (March 5th, 2011)
Thank you so much Preeti, I really enjoyed your class last night. I will definitely come again!
Karen (March 5th, 2011)

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